Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Snow Yum"
Pencil, photoshop

For a while now I've had a running list of stupid sounding band names on a random microsoft document.  I've always wanted to do something with them, but I wasn't sure what.  So really just for the sake of entertaining myself - and because no other idea I've had has instilled any motivation in me - I've decided to turn some of them into posters.  This is my first one: it's of a band I made up called Snow Yum.  It consists of two musicians/twins: Trin, who plays the banjo, and Rin, who plays the triangle.  I imagine their music as a combination of folk/pop, with a whimsical bent and a preference towards dark themes.  They take themselves very seriously.

I should have more up in the future, if this idea sticks.  I hope.  Also I'm totally up for hearing any suggestions on any other band names I could use, if anyone has one.  They can be silly or not silly or whatever, I just like to hear them, they're always fun.

I have a mom drawing that should be close to completion any day now.  Or hour now.  I wanted to post it right now but it's still being dumb.  So I guess I'll post it later.  As for other projects, I guess there's some:  I came up with a children's book idea and it's been mulling about in my mind for a couple days now, perhaps I'll put some of it to paper.  As for anything else, yeah, just hoping to find a little more motivation amongst all the holiday laziness I'm currently experiencing!

So long.

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