Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Book Illustration and Concepts 2 Work


For my book illustration class, I had to take a really well known story (with no copyright restrictions), twist it into my own story, and then illustrate one page spread that would appear in it.

The story I chose was Rapunzel. My idea was that in addition to growing really long hair, Rapunzel also grows super humungous, and rather than being kept in a tower, IS the tower. For fear of knocking down trees, squishing animals, etc, she is sentenced to stand still forever... Her legs are like the color of tree trunks, keeping her camouflaged in the forest... No one even knows that she exists, except, of course, for the witch. :[

I'm still reworking the text to put in this page spread, but once I have it finished, I plan on putting it right under the moon.

AND ALSO, I felt kind of proud of myself when I finished this piece. How come? Because the girl actually looks like she is older than 7 years old! She looks like she might even be... 12! I think this is the first time I've actually done this in an illustration (and not by accident).

"Words On Wheels: Clothes!" (Without text)
Pencil, colored in photoshop

"Words On Wheels: Clothes!" (With text)
Pencil, colored in photoshop

Note: The colors are really washed out here in blogger... Don't know why, and don't know how to fix it, but try to imagine the colors looking more... uh... vibrant-ish.

This piece I did for Concepts 2. It's an illustration to a poem written by a student here in Baltimore. A lot of the illustration classes at MICA have done this assignment in the last week... basically, the project was to illustrate a poem by a Baltimore student, and then send it in to be juried. The illustrations that are selected are then put on display on buses to help promote literacy/the arts. I doubt mine is going to be picked - I don't know, my piece seems a little weird - but I had fun doing it nonetheless! I wound up coming up with this new creature... Looks kinda like a mix between a bunny, llama, and dog. As a result I decided to call it a Bunny Llama Dog. :D Ha, it was so fun to draw. I especially liked drawing its huge bum.

Well okay, I have nothing else to say.

UPDATE (03/11/11): My poster was picked!! :D


  1. You are adorable, hahaha! :) "the girl actually looks like she's more than 7 years old!" "I especially liked drawing its huge bum."

    Anyway, both, really great illustrations. I really love the texture. Did you layer in a texture or did you achieve it with your mark-making?

  2. (and by textures, I mean, in the second piece with the big bum).

  3. Thanks so much! :D And I did lay a texture in at about 50 percent opacity. It's not too visible, but enough to add some extra texture. Most of the texture, however, comes from the pencil drawing.

  4. Awesome... And congratulations for your Words on Wheels getting picked!!