Thursday, May 13, 2010

Editorial Illustrations

(Working Title) "Believing in It"

(Working Title) "Fox Trail"

"Pill Splat"

Here are three illustrations to an article I read in Narrative Illustration. The article was about how anti depressants and placebos often have the same effect on patients, and how it's possible the only thing treating these patients is the BELIEF that the medication is making them better. It was a really interesting article. My pieces don't quite fit the mood of the article, but that's okay. At this time, I was feeling kind of crazy and really, really inspired to make these images, so much so that I was willing to completely dismiss the point of the assignment. Either way, here is what each image means...

The first image is supposed to represent the basic concept of the article: placebos and anti depressants have the same effect on patients. The blob guy on the left is supposed to represent anti depressants, and the blob guy on the right is supposed to represent placebos.

The middle image is supposed to represent how anti depressant companies are aware of these studies, but don't say anything. Instead, they continue to prescribe the medications. This piece really doesn't work meaning wise. I think the foxes kind of work, since they symbolize deceit/trickery, but the pill part does not. It looks too much like the blob guy is vomiting pills rather than sucking them up from the fox's back. But oh well, that's okay.

The third image is supposed to represent how maybe it's better that depressed patients don't know the "truth" about their medications, because if they did, it might erase their belief that they're being helped, and cause them to become depressed again. I decided to put little happy blobs in the pill drops. When the pills hit the ground (a.k.a. "the truth"), the blobs are no longer happy. :|


  1. Whoa, we chose the same exact article! That's crazy. :D

    I think yours are amazing. You have such creative ways of showing your concepts. The blob guy in the middle image does look more like he's vomiting than sucking them up, but everything else about it works great. And I just love your blob creatures! :)

  2. Wow Steph, these are amazing. You're an inspiration.

  3. ;-; Thanks so much, guys.

    And yeah! That is crazy! It must be because we're both named Stephanie. :|