Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Painting of Some People

"Some People"
Oil Paint

This is just a random painting I did for class. I had a difficult time getting into it since the assignment was "oh, do whatever, but make lots of lines." My teacher didn't like what I brought in the first week - neither did I - and said I needed to put a little more heart into it. While reworking the piece, the strangest thing happened. I started humming and singing, and soon my roommate joined in. Then we became a happy little choir and I became a happy little painting person, getting faster and looser with each stroke. It came to the point where I felt so free, I was hardly aware of what I was doing! When I was finished, I was like, "GEE, I'M SO HAPPY," which was strange, because what I had painted wasn't exactly happy. I'm not really sure what this painting is, or if it's even worth showing. The process of making it, though, was great!

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  1. That. Is awesome. It is definitely worth showing. :)